Anti-bias workshops

Workshops are adapted to your company’s needs and can be provided in English or Spanish.

At inclusive working environments, employees feel recognized, listened to and valued. If you work in these environments, you probably already know that.

Interactive and dynamic training to promote reflection and change of attitudes                      

EGALVIA anti-bias trainings provide an interactive environment to create self-awareness, reflection and long-term strategies to tackle our own biases together to strategies to embed inclusion in all your organization’s processes.

Not a one off.

Inclusion is a long journey and it cannot be achieved in a single session, EGALVIA workshops are provided in a set of two, allowing a time for reflection and action between the two trainings and providing support along the way.

Please, email me and let’s schedule a free of charge call to discuss your needs.

Anti-bias workshops adapted to your needs

Every organisation is at a different stage in their way to inclusion. For that reason, my anti-bias workshops are adapted to your needs. It is about initiating a collaboration with you towards more inclusive working environments where your organisation and your employees thrive.

It includes

Day 1: Delegates explore and recognise their biases, the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and identify strategies to overcome their biases (1hr 30 minutes, delivered online).

Day 2: (4 months later): Delegates explore if their attitudes have changed and what has worked (or not) to manage and overcome their biases both personally and professionally. (1hr 30 minutes, delivered online).

Please, email me​ and let’s schedule a free of charge call to discuss your needs.

Feedback from my workshops

"I can’t think of anything to change in the session. I did enjoy the breakout rooms and I loved how interactive it was. It didn’t feel like too much information and you allowed us all to have a voice within the workshop, so I loved that. I also really liked the activities you did which kept everyone involved and engaged. The tips and strategies you gave at the end were a great way to bring it all together."

Natajia Miller – Founder of Mind Fro Travel

"Rosa has spent many years deepening her knowledge and understanding of racism and prejudice in all its forms, making her the perfect person to deliver workshops on such a delicate subject matter. The session I attended was thoughtfully delivered, very well-structured, and insightful. I cannot overstate the importance of increased awareness and sensitivity, especially in light of recent events, and such workshops are crucial in challenging our own ideas and misconceptions surrounding race and discrimination. I congratulate Rosa on the hard work and dedication she has demonstrated to furthering her cause for many years now, and wholeheartedly encourage participation in her workshops."  

Hafsa Hasan - University of Oxford graduate and French and Spanish teacher

"Rosa’s selection of topics and activities, and her knowledge of the subject was only comparable to her warm personal style, outstanding interactive delivery and graphic design."

Antonio Palma – Lecturer, The Open University

"I am so glad that my colleague could not make the session and I had to come instead! I learned so much!"

Elizabeth Stone – Community Assistant, The Town Square

Please, email me​ and let’s schedule a free of charge call to discuss your needs.