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Decide to make your communications more inclusive and accessible to all.

Trust the Inclusive Communications Studio to reach all your clients and connect with a bunch of like-minded  and purpose-led communicators.

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By the end of the course, you will have:

- Gained the tools to screen your communications consistently so that you can gain more engagement from all your audience.

- Made the needed changes in your communications so that you don’t unintentionally put off any potential client.

- Crafted messages aligned with your vision that reach all your customers.

- Applied a system to make your own communications more inclusive by breaking unintended biases.

- You will reach a wide range of individuals (people with hearing / sight impairments, neuro-diverse individuals, ...) by making your communications more accessible. 


You’re a communicator who wants your message to reach every single person in your target audience to impact as many lives as possible with your product or service.

You want to align your communications with whom you are and get the results you need to keep serving your audience.

Whether you are

A business owner

An entrepreneur

A corporate or company employee

A solopreneur, coach or consultant

you are a communicator, and you are in the right place because in this e-course, you’ll access the KindScan, a system to scan your communications effectively to reach all your clients.

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- 5 Modules.
- 5 Videos.
- 1 Handbook.
- Text version of the course.
- A set of recommendations of sites and resources to support you on your way to more inclusive communications.


Inclusive Communications Studio: £197 

Introductory price

Senior Man

“I thought I was doing pretty well inclusivity-wise in my online content but Rosa opened my eyes to a whole host of improvements ... I had no idea about!

She provided a valid screen to use in the long-term... myself and my team have been taking more care over readability, seeking out images with more diversity, including different sizes and disabilities, among others."

Helen Reynolds,
Stylist at Helen Reynolds Style


“I would definitely recommend Rosa Arias-Yague for this type of work. I was really impressed by her training and the work she is doing more broadly. Limitations in our social circle or lack of diversity in the workplace means we may not be representative and/or aware of our content not being inclusive, and on this, Rosa’s work was very helpful.”

Shaheena Ormerod-Sachedina,
Founder of Working Wonders


"Rosa's work on mitigating bias in communication was really valuable and a real eye-opener.

The information Rosa shared is not usually on any marketing or PR professionals' radars, and I can say this because I work in the field!"

Elma Glasgow,
PR consultancy, coaching & campaigns for purpose-led businesses