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Ultimate Guide to reach all your clients with more inclusive posts, website and blog.


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- You will reach all your clients with inclusive posts and communications.
- You will connect with your target audience more effectively by making posts that will reflect our diverse society.
- You will reach a wide range of individuals (people with hearing / sight impairments, neuro-diverse individuals, ...) by making your communications more accessible. 
- You will be able to avoid unintended harm in your communications.
- You will be able to break biases in your communications.

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- 5 Modules.
- 5 videos.
- Presentation of the videos.
- 1 Handbook.
- Independent audio recordings.
- Transcripts of the recordings.
- Life-time acces.


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“I would definitely recommend Rosa Arias-Yague for this type of work. I was really impressed by her training and the work she is doing more broadly. Limitations in our social circle or lack of diversity in the workplace means we may not be representative and/or aware of our content not being inclusive, and on this, Rosa’s work was very helpful.”

Shaheena Ormerod-Sachedina,
Founder of Working Wonders


"Rosa's work on mitigating bias in communication was really valuable and a real eye-opener.

The information Rosa shared is not usually on any marketing or PR professionals' radars, and I can say this because I work in the field!"

Elma Glasgow,
PR consultancy, coaching & campaigns for purpose-led businesses

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"Rosa and I collaborated on a Masterclass / training workshop on 'Unconscious Bias in Communications'... She adapted her approach perfectly to meet the needs of my community and created a reflective, interactive workshop - facilitating in a way that led all participants to feel safe to explore this sensitive subject. The workshop itself and the materials Rosa provided afterwards were excellent.

Sara Price, Founder of Actually.World & communication expert



Every month, I provide 3 free discovery sessions to support charities, social enterprises and purpose-led businesses in their way to inclusion. In this 45 minute session, I listen to the challenges you are facing and support you with initiatives to move forward.